Sunday, August 2, 2009

Allen & Heath GL4000

The second task at Lincoln Berean was a little cleaning on their 48-channel GL4k. Currently it lives at Monitor World and is about to be tasked with mixing a few more in-ear monitors and a few less wedges.

Work done on this was some cleaning of the open-frame group master faders and re-wetting of a few LED solder joints. Replacement LEDs are on the way for the permanently dark ones.

Incidentally, I've done quite a bit of mixing on this console in its previous life as front-of-house in the old "big" room at Berean, now named "The Chapel" though it still seats 750 (the new room is 2000+). Many weddings and a few live-in-concert albums for Simple Grace, a gospel/bluegrass-singing family. Also one year's Easter drama production where the programmable mute scenes came in handy (though the manual override was essential when the actors got off script...). IIRC this mixer was the first large format console at the church after the obligatory Mackie 24x4 which still won't die.

(no, it's not me, but there needs to be the obligatory bad pic of a sound guy...)

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